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Allow greater than, less than, equal to, greater or equal to, less or equal to symbols for quantity suppressions

Allowing greater than, less than, equal to, greater or equal to, less or equal to symbols for quantity suppression (>,<, >=, =<).
Antonio Rosania 19 days ago in PrintJobManager / Product Engines 0 New Idea

Make the "Order Acknowledgement" a more complete notification.

The notification should include job data, like the New Order notification in Pressero. When both applications are integrated (Pressero and PJM), the "Order Acknowledgement" notification should include all jobs in the same email, as in Pressero.
Antonio Rosania 19 days ago in PrintJobManager / Orders 0 New Idea

Site Users Managing Gift Certificates

I love the new Gift Certificates feature! With that said, there is one major thing that it lacks at the moment: the ability for site users to manage it. We have customers who would like to use this as a reward system for their employees, and with ...
Davin Dixon 27 days ago in Pressero / Budgets & Promotions 0 New Idea

Add time cut-off for projected ship days

It would be great to have cut-off times added to the company calendar, so the projected ship days don't count the order day if the order is placed after close of business.
Olivia MacLachlan 11 days ago in Pressero / Orders - Orders List View 0 New Idea

Convert all font text to shapes (outline)

We recently ran into an issue with a vendor, We want to be able to use a wide range of vendors for our operation but sometimes that requires us to make fonts into compound paths- shapes. I would like to see an option on eDoc where all text could b...
Kylie Cartwright about 1 month ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Product bulk uploads limitation

The new bulk upload feature is commendable, but it still lacks usability for certain sites, especially those utilizing various groups for budgets, catalog locations, pricing engines, and other purposes. The current restriction of allowing only 5 g...
Mike Taubel 4 months ago in Pressero / Products 1 New Idea

Edit ablity of price and status of pending orders.

When orders are paid upfront via credit card, then denied approval the total for the product auot adjust to 0 and leaves the shipping cost. However, we credit the whole order as you dont charge for shipping on a product you didnt produce.... it wo...
Jessica Andersen 26 days ago in Pressero / Payments & Taxes 0 New Idea

Cancelled Line Items - zero out Price field

we have found that on reporting, the order total reflects all products on the order regardless of status. it would be nice to have the system zero out a line when the status becomes cancelled. this would cause the order total on reporting to be mo...
Alyssa Curtis about 1 month ago in Pressero / Orders - Orders List View 0 New Idea

Please add USPS Ground Advantage to the USPS integration

We want to allow our customers to take advantage of USPS's Ground Advantage for packages.
Jim Riddles 2 months ago in Pressero / Shipping 0 New Idea

Cart Level Discounting

This idea would be an enhancement that would allow a cart level discount based on products that have been entered into the cart. Example, In a Print Shop pricing there is a discount on buying business cards. 1-1000 1001-2500 if a customer puts in ...
Trent Foreman over 4 years ago in Pressero 19 In Planning Phase