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Gradient Fill for Live Text

I think it would be amazing to have some gradient options for live text and backgrounds. Choosing between the four gradient types and having full control of color stops would also be much appreciated.
Kylie Cartwright 6 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Adding shapes to the interactive designer.

It would be super helpful to add an option in the interactive designer where customers cut add basic shapes to their designs.
Guest 5 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Material size recall via formula

We make use of the following pretty frequently CalcNup(width, height, 12, 18, .25) - which from what I understand means:Calculate the number up, based on the finished width and height (provided by the user), that will be printing on a 12 x 18 shee...
Lew Airth 12 days ago in PrintJobManager / Product Engines 0 New Idea

Support for Indian Regional Fonts

I suggest implementing support for Indian Regional Fonts in eDocBuilder. By including a wide range of fonts specific to various Indian languages and scripts such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and more, you would empower users to create documen...
Jitender Kumar 10 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Request for Creative Resize Option in eDocBuilder

Currently, eDocBuilder offers users the ability to resize images within the document, which is incredibly useful for achieving the desired layout. However, I believe that introducing a Creative Resize option would take it a step further by allowin...
Jitender Kumar 10 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Comment Option for Denied Orders

The comment option would facilitate clear and concise communication, reducing ambiguity and ensuring that customers are fully informed about the status of their orders
Jitender Kumar 10 days ago in PrintJobManager / Customers 0 New Idea

Custom Product Sale Labels or Banners

We would like to be able to have labels that appear on a Ecommerce product that quickly bring attention to a feature that it has. We want to be able to choose the color and text of this banner. (Banner text will be along the lines of New Arrival, ...
Kylie Cartwright about 2 months ago in Pressero / Products 0 New Idea

Order fee by site

Need the ability to assign an order fee by site. For instance, we need to charge our customers $5 per order. There is no easy way to do that and it show up as a line item in the order for their records. Likely good to add the ability to select pro...
Cami Lawson 2 months ago in Pressero / Checkout & Cart 0 New Idea

Allow Department to be selected during new user signup

Apparently it is not possible to expose the department field to users within the Profile Fields setting page. We need this functionality as one of our customers wants to use it to be able to do proper reporting of user activity.
Jim Riddles about 1 month ago in Pressero / Users & User Groups 0 New Idea

Ability for duplicate department name attached to different locations

This seems to be self-explanatory to me, but here goes. When adding departments to a site that has different locations, it is not only possible, but likely, that there will be duplicate departments at each location. We have a customer who is looki...
Jim Riddles about 1 month ago in Pressero / Users & User Groups 0 New Idea