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Add PayTrace as a Payment Provider

We would like to have PayTrace added as a payment provider. We have just switched over our in-house credit card processing to them and would like to be able to move away from PayPal.
Jim Riddles about 10 hours ago in Pressero / Payments & Taxes 0 New Idea

Custom Notifications triggered by Product attribute

Some clients want to be notified when certain products are ordered b/c they want to monitor them, but they don't need to be approved and the client doesn't want the additional responsibility of approvals. This would be especially helpful on larger...
Guest 3 days ago in Pressero / Email Notifications 0 New Idea

Ability to set ID on form elements

I would like the ability to manually set the form ID for form elements. I need this ability because we create custom JavaScript to modify the functionality of some forms. I can work with the auto-assigned form ID, but if we make a change to the fo...
Jim Riddles 7 days ago in Pressero / User Interface 0 New Idea

Add Avalon/Bristol Pay Payment Gateway

From an Aleyant subsriber: "We have been approached by Avalon/Bristol Pay to add as a Payment Gateway to Pressero. Is anyone else interested in this? The advantage (for Alliance) is that our members, (104) of them using the PrintSmith Vision MIS s...
Lisa Thompson 3 months ago in Pressero / Payments & Taxes 0 New Idea

More granular reporting management

Need the ability to better report. 1. needs "run this on the 25th of every month" type setting not just every x days. 2. Needs ability to email report / link to report when ready. 3. if #1 cannot be done, need ability to let someone RUN a report o...
DJ Montalto 13 days ago in Pressero / Reporting 0 New Idea

List view needs category

Please add the category to the asset list view so the list can be filtered by category
Henry Wagner 22 days ago in Pressero / Files, Assets, and File Manager 0 New Idea

E-mail field with validation in form fields

The main idea is that when we create a form and a field for the email, it has an option to validate the email address entered and thus not depend on integrated forms such as that include this functionality.
Antonio Rosania 16 days ago in Pressero 0 New Idea

Search for Ship Station Product

The current list displayed to link a Ship Station product to a Pressero product has no method for searching. This means a visual inspection of product list that can be in the hundreds. This makes it like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Henry Wagner 16 days ago in Pressero / Embedded Services/Integrations 0 New Idea

Conditional logic in email design

e.g. if status is XX then -- populate YY content or ZZ variable. would help in situations where 'your order status has changed' and if status is shipped then show ## SHIP TO ## info but if Status is anything other than shipping this variable is su...
DJ Montalto 16 days ago in Pressero / Email Notifications 0 New Idea

The idea is to process the ideas

Hello, I am surprised to see the number of new ideas that are not processed. All the ones I suggested are in this state too. For 2 years, we have been using your platforms, and I have seen very few significant improvements while this "Ideas Portal...
Thomas Barbier 2 months ago in Pressero / Misc 0 New Idea