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Editing Pending Orders before Finalizing

I would like the ability to edit quantities, pricing or order details of Pending orders without Finalizing if I have changes or notes to add, but don't want the request to get pushed to an order until payment is received.
Olivia MacLachlan about 15 hours ago in Pressero / Pending Orders 0 New Idea

Add ##ORDERSOURCE## tag for PJM Acknowledge Payment, Order Acknowledgement, Payment Request notifications

When an order comes from Pressero, the order source number is displayed internally in PJM but not on the email notifications: Acknowledge Payment, Order Acknowledgement, Payment Request. This tag would be helpful when the PJM notifications are gen...
Antonio Rosania 25 days ago in PrintJobManager / General Settings / Orders 0 New Idea

PJM Quantity showing on Presero Order

Using a PJM pricing engine to create mandatory product selctions (apparel color, size, etc) results in the Pressero order showing two Quantity values 1) Pressero order quantity defaulting at 1 and 2) the PJM Quantity the user selected. Reaching ou...
Guest 12 days ago in Pressero / Orders - Orders List View 0 New Idea

Denied item moving to main order list ( in case of multiple items only) should arrive as Order Cancelled instead of Order Received.

Currently in case of multiple items in an order let's say Item-1 and Item-2. Item 1 is approved. Item 2 is denied. In the above scenario Item 1 along with Item-2 gets moved from pending to main order list as 0.00 in total but the status of denied ...
Piyush Bilgaiyan 2 months ago in Pressero / Pending Orders 1 New Idea

Provide Site Group Permission for Categories

Please consider adding site group permission to category administration. This would allow site groups to view or not view the category. Default would be to view. The use case is common products that are published in a number of categories but not ...
Henry Wagner 18 days ago in Pressero / Users & User Groups 0 New Idea

Field scripting should with with Interactive Designer templates.

Field scripting should be supported on Interactive Designer templates. Currently field scripting works on Forms templates, but will only render in the ouput on Interactive Designer templates. Field scripting should work consistently on both Form a...
Bart Shafer about 1 month ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Shipstation: Use the product's Part Number value to map to a Product SKU

We have three options for mapping to product's in Shipstation. It would be useful to some client's if we could use the product's Part Number...
Bart Shafer 3 months ago in Pressero / Shipping 1 New Idea

Order of jobs in the list

Is it possible to sort jobs correctly if the number of jobs in an order is more than 9? Beacause jobs 10, 11 and 12 below job 2? They should be after job 9.
Thomas Barbier about 2 months ago in PrintJobManager / List View 0 New Idea

Control of allowed file formats for file uploads

Set an option in Pressero that allows me to indicate which file types are allowed when uploading files to products.
Antonio Rosania 4 months ago in Pressero / Products 2 New Idea

Indicate out of stock on product page

We improved how Pressero handles out of stock in September 2021 by preventing the product from being added to the checkout page. But we are still allowing the product to be customized, which could take some time, before alerting the user that the ...
Bart Shafer 8 months ago in Pressero / Inventory / Products 9 Future consideration