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File Export

Need to output all fields when exporting user, products, locations etc.
Craig Chumney about 17 hours ago in Pressero / Products 0 New Idea

Bulk Edit

Need a bulk edit tool for products, users etc.
Craig Chumney about 17 hours ago in Pressero / Products 0 New Idea

Use overprint in eDocBuilder

Originally, overprinting was not supported in eDocBuilder because it was not supported in the ABCPDF Library that eDocBuilder uses. It appears th...
Bart Shafer 6 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Ability to zoom in more than 600%

It would be nice to have the option to zoom in more than 600% when in the field designer section of the template in edoc
Glenn patton 6 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Setup for a new APJM account is too time consuming and tedious

There are many ‘common job types’ across all print shops. We'd like a templated type of approach where a selection of materials, equipment and processes exist in the account to begin with that a client can modify.
Bart Shafer 6 days ago in PrintJobManager / General Use 0 New Idea

Add Avalon/Bristol Pay Payment Gateway

From an Aleyant subsriber: "We have been approached by Avalon/Bristol Pay to add as a Payment Gateway to Pressero. Is anyone else interested in this? The advantage (for Alliance) is that our members, (104) of them using the PrintSmith Vision MIS s...
Lisa Thompson 5 months ago in Pressero / Payments & Taxes 0 New Idea

Multiple vendors on same job

We have projects that are sourced through multiple vendors. Printing done with one vendor, mailing done by the Mail Vendor. We need the ability to track all the vendors being assigned orders. We can somewhat do this if a customer submits a multipa...
Guest 8 days ago in Pressero / Vendors & Brokers 0 New Idea

Item-Product Usage History

We have run into the question of when was the last time this specific item was ordered? It would be great to have a tab on the Products to be able to list what order number, the order date, the quantity and even the price that this one specific it...
Mitchelle Hall 21 days ago in Pressero / Products 0 New Idea

Ability for site owners to see "deleted" users on user end

I have some customers who manage their users via the management portal on the user side. However, they are unable to see "deleted" users. This causes an issue when they attempt to create a new user, and they get the not so helpful error message of...
Jim Riddles 12 days ago in Pressero / User Interface 0 New Idea

The idea is to process the ideas

Hello, I am surprised to see the number of new ideas that are not processed. All the ones I suggested are in this state too. For 2 years, we have been using your platforms, and I have seen very few significant improvements while this "Ideas Portal...
Thomas Barbier 4 months ago in Pressero / Misc 1 New Idea