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The idea is to process the ideas

Hello, I am surprised to see the number of new ideas that are not processed. All the ones I suggested are in this state too. For 2 years, we have been using your platforms, and I have seen very few significant improvements while this "Ideas Portal...
Thomas Barbier 20 days ago in Pressero / Misc 0 New Idea

We need the prices shown on the site product and cart area, to the end user on an order to be 4 decimals. It is also preferrable that the shipping cost be shown as four decimals.

Prices for products and for the shipping amount round up in Pressero to two decimals. We have school district clients as end users on the site. Depending on the price with markup (or the shipping price) being calculated, the price is incorrect whe...
Bart Shafer 14 days ago in Pressero / Misc 0 New Idea

Presswise ES: Better handling of situations where a username already exists and is related also to another subscriber

When a username exists in more than one account or site in Pressero, attempting to create that user can fail, resulting in an order not being pushed as expected. Creating the user with some kind of added prefix value could be one option for handli...
Bart Shafer 7 months ago in Pressero / Misc 5 New Idea

The reCAPTCHA integration needs to be updated to reCAPTCHAv3

The reCAPTCHA integration is currently at v2, and needs to be updated to reCAPTCHA v3.
Bart Shafer 8 months ago in Pressero / Misc 0 New Idea

Improve UI when user gets File Upload Error for files larger than 1GB

When uploading files that excceds the 1GB limit, Pressero throws an error in this way: As you can see everything disappears except but the error message. Some customers are getting confused with the error ...
Antonio Rosania about 1 year ago in Pressero / Misc 1 New Idea

Add Hidden Field to Forms

I would like a new form field that lets us create a form field that is hidden from the customer. So when they place an order and fill out the form on the product page or on checkout, we can have additional information along side the form that we c...
Michelle Eaton 6 months ago in Pressero / Misc 0 New Idea

Order of fields - Account creation page

It would be interesting to be able to choose the order of the fields on the user account creation page. And even more to be able to split the registration steps so as not to discourage the user to register. Step 1 (General information) Next button...
Thomas Barbier 5 months ago in Pressero / Misc 1 New Idea

Assigning assets to a category of products

Assets can be assigned to the whole site, to specific produts, specifi users of group of users. It wouls be useful to assign assets to categories of products
Guest 12 months ago in Pressero / Misc 0 New Idea

Better Form Layout Capability - Grouping Form Fields and Altering Field Width

I would like to see the ability to layout product/page forms in a similar way to eDocBuilder forms (see attached). There is the ability to visually group information as well as pairing information to share a line (such as with State and Zip).
Olivia MacLachlan almost 2 years ago in Pressero / Misc 0 New Idea

Functionality to enter one-off orders in Pressero admin

"I would like to have a customizable item that my team can use on the backend to input specialty items that have varying item details. We do a number of T-shirts, hats and promotional items that would be easier to input as one-off items that are n...
Bart Shafer 10 months ago in Pressero / Misc 0 New Idea