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Add functionailty to split pages

We frequently get request to split files coming from eDoc Builder. We see this functionality being added to AWI or potentially eDoc Builder. Please see below for a few business cases: eDoc template for Business Cards are shown on site as front and...
Lauren Jacobson 8 months ago in Pressero / AWI 1 New Idea

An option to have AWI download Control Files and Reports to the same folder that the order files are downloaded to

When AWI processes an order, it downloads the files for the order to the location specified. The settings for Control Files and Reports however download all the Control Files or Report files to the folder indicated. We would like to have an option...
Bart Shafer 5 months ago in Pressero / AWI 0 New Idea

Update AWI to run as a service

Running AWI as a desktop application causes issues with user accounts and machine sleep/end idle application processes. It also requires the operation to start the application if the computer has been restarted or powered off, a step that can be e...
William Riley 3 months ago in Pressero / AWI 0 New Idea

AWI: Allow file naming tags to be used with order reports and control files

AWI has the ability to rename order files that are downloaded for the orders. The file name tags for renaming the order only apply to the order files. It would be useful if the ...
Bart Shafer 3 months ago in Pressero / AWI 0 New Idea

Allow AWI to process more than once every hour

AWI is designed to be run unattended, but processing orders once every hour (to catch approved, paid, or files that were not generated when the order was immediately placed) can be too long. Allowing a shorter interval for processing in AWI would ...
Bart Shafer 12 months ago in Pressero / AWI 0 New Idea

Have the AWI application notify users when there is a new version available.

AWI should indicate when there is a version of the application available that is newer than the version being run locally by the user. The only way to see if there is a new version of the AWI is available is to check the downloads page on the supp...
Bart Shafer over 2 years ago in Pressero / AWI 1 New Idea

Make the different groups that the user is part of appear in the XML output generated by the AWI

No description provided
Helena De Smedt over 1 year ago in Pressero / AWI 0 New Idea

AWI Additional Features

Hello, We would like to request a few improvements to AWI. Let me know if you need them broken out into 1 item per idea. Start Stop button to stop processing. We have large volumes of files and without a stop button it's hard to catch when it is n...
Cynthia Emblem over 1 year ago in Pressero / AWI 0 New Idea

Add previews on uploaded files to the Pressero XML file format in AWI

AWI can download previews on uploaded files on a Pressero order, but the URL addresses on the S3 file system are not included in the control file format "Pressero XML"... so anyone who is using some kind of an integration they developed cannot get...
Bart Shafer 7 months ago in Pressero / AWI 0 New Idea

AWI rule criteria that would respond to status on the orders

A client would like to prevent AWI from downloading files for orders until the status on the order matches a certain value, in order to allow for jobs being approved in tFlow to then -- and only then -- have the order files and reports be download...
Bart Shafer 10 months ago in Pressero / AWI 0 New Idea