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Home Appliances Online

Buy Electrical Home Appliances Online at the low costs in India just at Darling Retail. Explore the wide assortment of TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Audio System,Air Conditioner,fans, and other family electrical apparatuses at top quality brands.Bu...
Guest 3 days ago in Pressero / Admin 0 New Idea

Women Clothes Online

Shop Women Clothes Online at Avie with Best Quality. We Have Variety of Clothing for Women at Online with Best Price in India at Low Cost.we Have Trendy, Fashionable and Most Importantly, Comfort Centric Dresses with Top Quality Materials.we Are O...
Avie Classic 3 days ago in Pressero / Admin 0 New Idea

***Admin Modifying a Field

When a field is completed with incorrect information by the customer, the system admin on our side should be able to modify it, i.e. org code, payment amount, etc without having to cancel and reorder the job.
Guest 17 days ago in Pressero / Admin 0 New Idea

Activity Dashboard Addition

Looking for a feature at the Admin level that outlines high level data on all sites. Envisioning a dashboard that could give statistical breakdowns of things like site traffic/visits, site by site order counts, site by site revenue totals, etc. (I...
Scott Hillbrand 19 days ago in Pressero / Admin 0 New Idea

Barcode Scan to Update Status for Shop Floor but Not Admin (limited permissions)

Abilty to assign workstation permission to have access to Barcode Scanner, BUT not allow them to have access to sitewide preferences or other admin permissions. Production needs to be able to update the status of the job as it moves through produc...
Cynthia Emblem 3 months ago in Pressero / Admin 1 New Idea

Log changes done to preferences and sites in Pressero admin, with what admin account made what changes

Sometimes situations arise where changes apparently have been made in Pressero admin, but it is not clear which admin user made the change, or when that change happened. Knowing when these changes have been made and by which admin user, could help...
Bart Shafer 12 months ago in Pressero / Admin 1 New Idea

Order displayed in Admin

In the admin when orders are displayed, it displays each item as a line item. If you receive many orders with multiple items it can turn into several pages, ideally there should be an option to display as a whole or not just a list view, and the a...
Steve Roca over 1 year ago in Pressero / Admin 0

Drag and Drop Home Page Banner Slides

Currently there is no way to rearrange the slides on our home page without deleting slides or starting over. This is a pain when there are links on the slides. We are trying to add new slides monthly and when we do we would like the new slides to ...
John Mantia over 2 years ago in Pressero / User Interface / Admin 2 New Idea

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Can we have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? This would be a great feature to have as we've had many clients with concerns on security.
David Lu 12 months ago in Pressero / Admin 0 New Idea

Add Language Text References

Allow to modify a maximum of text references in the administration to obtain a fine customization in the user's language. This would avoid using small Jquery hacks to modify these texts.
Thomas Barbier about 1 year ago in Pressero / Admin 0 New Idea