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Field Force Automation

Field Force Automation programming is a progressive innovative headway that permits field delegates to see, alter and refresh the data of their hands on work. We Offer worker following application to Increase Workforce Productivity, Vehicle Tracki...
Guest 4 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

More rules for New Image Fields

Add the "Default Image Fit Type" control when allowing adding more images on Interactive Designer. The idea is to allow the "Stretch", "Scale" and "Scale & Crop" options when the permission "Allow adding images" is checked on the Template Info...
Antonio Rosania 13 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Make a Unique Copy of InDesign File when Duplicating Template

When duplicating a template the new template remains linked to the original InDesign file. This makes is impossible to download the IDML file of the duplicated template, make changes and re-upload to the duplicated template. Instead, the InDesign ...
Henry Wagner 12 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Resize fields one side at a time like Windows

When resizing a field, dragging one edge horizontally or vertically should move only that edge. Horizontal edges should only move vertically and vertical edges should only move horizontally. It should only move two edges at a time when a corner ha...
Guest 14 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Buy Wearables and accessories – Mavshack Live Shopping India

Wearable accessories or wearables is the broad class of wearable technology that can be used as an accessory or displayed as an fashion statement. Wearable technology is focused on the devices and gadgets that we wear to keep track of, maintain an...
Guest 17 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Field scripting should with with Interactive Designer templates.

Field scripting should be supported on Interactive Designer templates. Currently field scripting works on Forms templates, but will only render in the ouput on Interactive Designer templates. Field scripting should work consistently on both Form a...
Bart Shafer 3 months ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Add basic shapes

Hello, It would be interesting to offer to add the basic shapes (round, triangle, hexagon, etc.) so that the customer can realize his creation. These shapes could be customized with a background color, outline color and stroke, etc. I think this i...
Thomas Barbier 20 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Guide on using the best boss tile cutter|Tile Pro Depot

Do you enjoy revamping your house using DIY tools? Well, if you fancy refurbishing your bathroom tiles or want to extend the kitchen tiles to countertops, then get the best tile cutter. Tile cutters are small portable tools that resemble the car j...
Guest 21 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

To be able to support British Royal Mail 4-State Customer Code (RM4SCC) barcode font

Such barcode is not available in the dropdown list
Teck Boon Lee 4 months ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Dynamically adding, deleting and changing order of pages in interactive designer

From what I can tell, there is no way for a client to add pages to a template even when it is in interactive designer. We are looking at some products where it would be very useful if clients were able to add pages and reorder them to allow for mo...
Kira Shergold over 1 year ago in eDocBuilder 1 New Idea