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New Site Skins Needed

The current site skins, although clean, feel dated. I think Pressero could benefit heavily from new, robust and flexible skins that follow design trends. Some of our clients who we created sites for on Pressero have requested this as well.
Tom Murtagh about 1 month ago in Pressero / User Interface 0 New Idea

File upload progress bar

When uploading a file, a progress bar is needed
Guest 6 months ago in Pressero / User Interface 1 New Idea

Multiple (2) languages - Same site

Example; Toggle like many sites, between a main and secondary language same site; e.g. English/ French Canada, English/ Spanish U.S. again, within the same site and or then by any measure; Location, User, Group etc.
Guest over 2 years ago in Pressero / General Settings / User Interface 7 Future consideration

Ability to sort custom profile fields

Currently, there's no logic for how a Custom Profile Field will be displayed on the Account creation page. It does not correspond to any alphabetical or numerical sorting. It would be essential to control the sorting in which I want to display the...
Antonio Rosania 4 months ago in Pressero / User Interface 1 New Idea

Re-word the error message when there is a credential mismatch on the login screen.

When a user mistypes their user name or password, the error message says: "Either the information you entered is not correct or your account is not yet approved. Please re-enter your information and try again. Or ask us to verify your account is a...
Scott Hillbrand 7 months ago in Pressero / User Interface 0 New Idea

Payment Methods should not be buttons

On the checkout page the first thing the user sees is Payment Method. If you have 4 payment methods active on your site, then the user sees 4 buttons. If the user clicks on a button it becomes the active payment method. There is a visual indicator...
Eric C 9 months ago in Pressero / User Interface 1 New Idea

Improve the Search Function on Pressero Websites

The Pressero search function currently searches only the Page Title and the Short Description on product pages. It would be good if the search function could look at the long description, and even the SEO fields on all pages of a website.
Lisa Thompson about 1 year ago in Pressero / User Interface 1 New Idea

Drag and Drop Home Page Banner Slides

Currently there is no way to rearrange the slides on our home page without deleting slides or starting over. This is a pain when there are links on the slides. We are trying to add new slides monthly and when we do we would like the new slides to ...
John Mantia over 2 years ago in Pressero / User Interface / Admin 2 New Idea

Customers should be able to delete their file uploads

We have customers who upload too many files into their project, and then would like to delete for organization. It would be awesome if they could do this.
B Feltz over 1 year ago in Pressero / User Interface 1 New Idea

Add and "Exclude" or "Does Not Contain" Filter Option

Current filters are limited to a "Contains" option. "Show all orders that are (something)" This is fantastic if you only want to see orders that match one particular variable. But there's no option to exclude a particular variable. "Show all order...
Jeff Sell 9 months ago in Pressero / User Interface 1 In Development