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Additional Fields At Product Level

We would like to see some strategically located fields added to the product level, that can be searchable at the Orders List and used for other things like workflows & Integrations. Not looking to Bloat the database just looking for a few fiel...
William Andringa 13 days ago in Pressero / Orders - Orders List View 0 New Idea

Add Avalon/Bristol Pay Payment Gateway

From an Aleyant subsriber: "We have been approached by Avalon/Bristol Pay to add as a Payment Gateway to Pressero. Is anyone else interested in this? The advantage (for Alliance) is that our members, (104) of them using the PrintSmith Vision MIS s...
Lisa Thompson 7 months ago in Pressero / Payments & Taxes 0 New Idea

Add a User-Facing Cancellation Button in Their Order History

"I have a couple of clients asking for a cancellation button, they are asking to create a button in their order history that lets them request to cancel an order in case they placed the order twice or didn't enter the information correctly, or att...
Guest 13 days ago in Pressero / User Interface 0 New Idea

Denied item moving to main order list ( in case of multiple items only) should arrive as Order Cancelled instead of Order Received.

Currently in case of multiple items in an order let's say Item-1 and Item-2. Item 1 is approved. Item 2 is denied. In the above scenario Item 1 along with Item-2 gets moved from pending to main order list as 0.00 in total but the status of denied ...
Piyush Bilgaiyan 9 months ago in Pressero / Pending Orders 2 New Idea

API Enhancement: Allow API to retrieve data based 'WorkflowStageDate'.

At present it is possible to retrieve the data using Order Start and end date, however it is not possible to retrieve the data using 'WorkflowStageDate' using the API. Please add this feature
Sumeet Maheshwari 2 months ago in Pressero / API 0 New Idea

Import Product data to catalog

It would be very useful to be able to import product data into the product catalog. Both to modify existing product listings, and to create new listings. Modifying product listings one by one can be very time consuming for larger catalogs. At the ...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Pressero 19 In Development

The idea is to process the ideas

Hello, I am surprised to see the number of new ideas that are not processed. All the ones I suggested are in this state too. For 2 years, we have been using your platforms, and I have seen very few significant improvements while this "Ideas Portal...
Thomas Barbier 6 months ago in Pressero / Misc 1 New Idea

Indicate out of stock on product page

We improved how Pressero handles out of stock in September 2021 by preventing the product from being added to the checkout page. But we are still allowing the product to be customized, which could take some time, before alerting the user that the ...
Bart Shafer about 1 year ago in Pressero / Inventory / Products 9 Future consideration

Add coment section for Order Item Denied notification

Would like a comment section in the "Order Item Denied" notification. The approver would like to let the user know what they need to change in order for the Item to be approved.In this case it could be a simple typo in other cases it is a violatio...
Guest over 3 years ago in Pressero 24 In Development

The Ability to Edit Quantities in the Cart

Giving users the ability to edit quantities in the cart would cut back on a lot of time spent going in and out of the cart to the product page and then back. This would improve the user experience.
Tom Murtagh over 1 year ago in Pressero / Checkout & Cart 0 New Idea