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Deduct inventory when an order item is waiting on approval

If an order is placed on a site, using a product that uses inventory, the inventory is not deducted until the order has been approved. If an order item does not receive approval for some time, there is the chance that the inventory for that order ...
Bart Shafer about 1 month ago in Pressero / Inventory 1 New Idea

Indicate out of stock on product page

We improved how Pressero handles out of stock in September 2021 by preventing the product from being added to the checkout page. But we are still allowing the product to be customized, which could take some time, before alerting the user that the ...
Bart Shafer 10 months ago in Pressero / Inventory / Products 9 Future consideration

Inventory Import

It would be highly useful if there was the ability to import an inventory list and nut just export it This would make it easier to add bulk inventory OR copy bulk inventory from site to site
Guest over 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory 3 Future consideration

Hide product from site if inventory reaches zero

It would be nice to add an option to the admin for products to be hidden once their inventory reaches zero so that people cannot be misled and it reduces the amount of micromanaging an admin has to do, thanks!
Guest about 1 year ago in Pressero / Inventory 1 New Idea

Adding Bin location to inventory Report

Currently we use the "Printer Part Number" for our bin location # for items we pick and back. This is on the Product side. The problem is when you run an inventory report, you can't add that "Printer Part Number" there so when you run a report it ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory / Reporting / Products 7 In Review

Inventory Refill Inventory Replenishment Requests

Hello, Many of our sites/products are set up to have inventory products. Our workflow is (and seems like most printers too) that client buys the printing or promo items in bulk from us, that we then inventory for them. We place those products on t...
Cynthia Emblem almost 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory 0 New Idea

Ability to Mark an Item "out of stock" so it can't be ordered but don't have to rmeove it from the site.

We have a customer that has swag items online that we keep inventory for. We have added inventory into the system, but there have been a few times when we only have 1 item but the customer tries to add 15 to the order and gets an error message say...
Guest over 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory / Products 1 New Idea

Tracking multiple inventories in single product page

I wish we can track inventory without it being tied to a specific product page. For example I have an item with 3 different sizes, right now I can only use the inventory tracking system for that specific product but not the different sizes within.
Elmon almost 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory 0 New Idea

Admin inventory history show Order, Job#

For inventory items, have the order number listed for each deduction and a job/lot# added when stock is added to the inventory. The job# serves a lot number so if an item is changed we know that the merchandise was produced under job#123 and the n...
Guest about 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory 1 New Idea

Limit the number of units of a product a user is allowed to add to their cart

This would be ideal to limiting how much of a product a client can order, for example. we may have limited stock of a certain item and only want to allow 10 per person. Obviously you can add Maximum Order QTY to a product, but that doesn't limit t...
Ethan Jarrett over 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory 0 New Idea