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Workspace Pressero
Categories Inventory
Created by Cynthia Emblem
Created on Jul 11, 2020

Inventory Refill Inventory Replenishment Requests


Many of our sites/products are set up to have inventory products. Our workflow is (and seems like most printers too) that client buys the printing or promo items in bulk from us, that we then inventory for them. We place those products on their site so that there departments, locations, offices can place small orders of those same items but in lower quantities that ship directly to that office, but client still benefit from us printing them in bulk and saving on the per piece price.

However, pressero currently does not have a way to manage the refill inventory products. We are looking for a solution, something similiar to what Marcom provides, where as when the low inventory email is triggered, it also triggers a Inventory Refill Replenishment Request to the client that allows them to see how many they printed last time, how many they have in stock and ask them to approve printing more inventory. Maybe even including the choice for them them to pick the quantity this time or the same quantity. Similiar to an approval workflow, once they approve the inventory refill request it would trigger the bulk inventory order. And once the order was printed and put into inventory the counts would be added into the inventory levels.

This is something that would really cut down on the manual time managing the sites and the inventory and close the gap on inventory management.

Really hope this is something that can be considered. Please call if you would like further details or have any questions.

Thank you,


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