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Allow the option to send the uploaded file in New Order email.

We need the new order email should have the link to download the file. In our workflow, I also get a new order email and I need to check the file first then send it for production. At the moment I have do go to Admin > Orders > Edit > Fil...
Sumeet Maheshwari about 9 hours ago in Pressero / Email Notifications 0 New Idea

Add Avalon/Bristol Pay Payment Gateway

From an Aleyant subsriber: "We have been approached by Avalon/Bristol Pay to add as a Payment Gateway to Pressero. Is anyone else interested in this? The advantage (for Alliance) is that our members, (104) of them using the PrintSmith Vision MIS s...
Lisa Thompson about 2 months ago in Pressero / Payments & Taxes 0 New Idea

Increase the number of Groups columns in the export users template

Currently, the Export User Template contains 5 columns for Groups. If a user belongs to 6, 7, or 10 groups, the information is not uploaded to the user profile. In addition, it is modifying the user's profile (by removing groups) when editing ...
Antonio Rosania 17 days ago in Pressero / Users & User Groups 2 New Idea

Home Appliances Online

Buy Electrical Home Appliances Online at the low costs in India just at Darling Retail. Explore the wide assortment of TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Audio System,Air Conditioner,fans, and other family electrical apparatuses at top quality brands.Bu...
Guest 3 days ago in Pressero / Admin 0 New Idea

Women Clothes Online

Shop Women Clothes Online at Avie with Best Quality. We Have Variety of Clothing for Women at Online with Best Price in India at Low Cost.we Have Trendy, Fashionable and Most Importantly, Comfort Centric Dresses with Top Quality Materials.we Are O...
Avie Classic 4 days ago in Pressero / Admin 0 New Idea

The idea is to process the ideas

Hello, I am surprised to see the number of new ideas that are not processed. All the ones I suggested are in this state too. For 2 years, we have been using your platforms, and I have seen very few significant improvements while this "Ideas Portal...
Thomas Barbier 20 days ago in Pressero / Misc 0 New Idea

Field Force Automation

Field Force Automation programming is a progressive innovative headway that permits field delegates to see, alter and refresh the data of their hands on work. We Offer worker following application to Increase Workforce Productivity, Vehicle Tracki...
Guest 4 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

New Site Skins Needed

The current site skins, although clean, feel dated. I think Pressero could benefit heavily from new, robust and flexible skins that follow design trends. Some of our clients who we created sites for on Pressero have requested this as well.
Tom Murtagh about 1 month ago in Pressero / User Interface 0 New Idea

Resorts in Anaikatti

Tuskers Hills Is an Resort in Anaikatti Which Makes Your Day Special with Stunning Nature Views and Luxury Rooms. It Is Best Resort in Anaikatti with Affordable Prices for Spending Time with Family and Friends. It Makes you Have a Memorable Journe...
Tuskers Hill 5 days ago in Pressero / Products 0 New Idea

More rules for New Image Fields

Add the "Default Image Fit Type" control when allowing adding more images on Interactive Designer. The idea is to allow the "Stretch", "Scale" and "Scale & Crop" options when the permission "Allow adding images" is checked on the Template Info...
Antonio Rosania 13 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea