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Buy Wearables and accessories – Mavshack Live Shopping India

Wearable accessories or wearables is the broad class of wearable technology that can be used as an accessory or displayed as an fashion statement. Wearable technology is focused on the devices and gadgets that we wear to keep track of, maintain an...
Guest 17 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

***Admin Modifying a Field

When a field is completed with incorrect information by the customer, the system admin on our side should be able to modify it, i.e. org code, payment amount, etc without having to cancel and reorder the job.
Guest 17 days ago in Pressero / Admin 0 New Idea

When Payment is rejected, put items back in cart. Not in "Pending Orders" limbo.

Can we update so that if a payment fails (CC denied, billing address conflict etc.), items are put back in to a shopping cart? As it stands, when this happens, items are shoved in to the "Pending Orders" and the only way to complete the order or e...
Scott Hillbrand 5 months ago in Pressero / Checkout & Cart 2 New Idea

Field scripting should with with Interactive Designer templates.

Field scripting should be supported on Interactive Designer templates. Currently field scripting works on Forms templates, but will only render in the ouput on Interactive Designer templates. Field scripting should work consistently on both Form a...
Bart Shafer 3 months ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Add coment section for Order Item Denied notification

Would like a comment section in the "Order Item Denied" notification. The approver would like to let the user know what they need to change in order for the Item to be approved.In this case it could be a simple typo in other cases it is a violatio...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Pressero 24 In Planning Phase

Order of jobs in the list

Is it possible to sort jobs correctly if the number of jobs in an order is more than 9? Beacause jobs 10, 11 and 12 below job 2? They should be after job 9.
Thomas Barbier 3 months ago in PrintJobManager / List View 0 New Idea

Activity Dashboard Addition

Looking for a feature at the Admin level that outlines high level data on all sites. Envisioning a dashboard that could give statistical breakdowns of things like site traffic/visits, site by site order counts, site by site revenue totals, etc. (I...
Scott Hillbrand 19 days ago in Pressero / Admin 0 New Idea

Show name of PJM product engine on Pressero product pricing tab

When a subscriber uses a PrintJobManager product engine for a product on a Pressero storefront they assign the product engine to the product in Pressero in the Pricing tab of the product. In Step 2 they choose the APJM external service plugin and ...
Allen Boyce 6 months ago in Pressero / Products 0 In Planning Phase


Scenario: I have an product that won't be available to ship until 10/5/2023 but I can take pre-orders now. Therefore, the customer cannot select a ship date prior to 10/5/2023 for that product. Currently, we have to use the Requested Ship Date, ca...
Alyssa Curtis 20 days ago in Pressero / Products 0 New Idea

Add basic shapes

Hello, It would be interesting to offer to add the basic shapes (round, triangle, hexagon, etc.) so that the customer can realize his creation. These shapes could be customized with a background color, outline color and stroke, etc. I think this i...
Thomas Barbier 20 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea