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Created by Piyush Bilgaiyan
Created on Mar 9, 2022

Denied item moving to main order list ( in case of multiple items only) should arrive as Order Cancelled instead of Order Received.

Currently in case of multiple items in an order let's say Item-1 and Item-2.

Item 1 is approved.

Item 2 is denied.

In the above scenario Item 1 along with Item-2 gets moved from pending to main order list as 0.00 in total but the status of denied the item shows "Order received"

Please see this screencast:

This should at-least arrive as Order Cancelled to avoid confusion, since item is already denined it should not appear as Order recieved.

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  • Scott Hillbrand
    Jun 1, 2022

    This would be a great update. To go one layer deeper - we use a mapped import module that connects with our MIS. That module sees an item as "Order Received" and automatically imports that with the rest of the order. Would be nice if there was a way to drop the denied item from that order completely so the team doesn't have to monitor each order manually.

  • Jim Riddles
    Mar 10, 2022