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PJM Quantity showing on Presero Order

Using a PJM pricing engine to create mandatory product selctions (apparel color, size, etc) results in the Pressero order showing two Quantity values 1) Pressero order quantity defaulting at 1 and 2) the PJM Quantity the user selected. Reaching ou...
Guest about 2 months ago in Pressero / Orders - Orders List View 0 New Idea

Data available to Zapier

Improve the existing zapier API to include the time tracking metrics of completed projects. This would allow for semi-real time reporting, as well as notifications to operational management of projects or processes going "over time"
Lew Airth about 1 year ago in PrintJobManager / General Use 3 New Idea

Cart Level Discounting

This idea would be an enhancement that would allow a cart level discount based on products that have been entered into the cart. Example, In a Print Shop pricing there is a discount on buying business cards. 1-1000 1001-2500 if a customer puts in ...
Trent Foreman about 3 years ago in Pressero 11 Future consideration

Presswise ES: Better handling of situations where a username already exists and is related also to another subscriber

When a username exists in more than one account or site in Pressero, attempting to create that user can fail, resulting in an order not being pushed as expected. Creating the user with some kind of added prefix value could be one option for handli...
Bart Shafer 7 months ago in Pressero / Misc 5 New Idea

Improved System for Apparel

There is no easy way to offer apparel items and track inventory. Right now, we are using kits to display all sizes for one shirt type, but this is very clunky and doesn't offer basic features such as allowing the user to choose between two differe...
Katherine Padgett almost 3 years ago in Pressero 19 Future consideration

Guide on using the best boss tile cutter|Tile Pro Depot

Do you enjoy revamping your house using DIY tools? Well, if you fancy refurbishing your bathroom tiles or want to extend the kitchen tiles to countertops, then get the best tile cutter. Tile cutters are small portable tools that resemble the car j...
Guest 21 days ago in eDocBuilder 0 New Idea

Address Validation/Verification at Checkout

Several of our subscribers struggle with customers entering in incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses. Often times, this leads to shipments being returned, requiring manual intervention, increased expenses and customer service challenges. Many...
Ryan Mastako almost 2 years ago in Pressero / Checkout & Cart 7 New Idea

Provide Site Group Permission for Categories

Please consider adding site group permission to category administration. This would allow site groups to view or not view the category. Default would be to view. The use case is common products that are published in a number of categories but not ...
Henry Wagner 2 months ago in Pressero / Users & User Groups 0 New Idea

Block weekend and holidays on "request ship date"

We are not open on Weekends and close for some bank holidays. It would be really helpful if we could block those dates on the "requested ship by" calendar so we don't have customers request ship dates we can't accommodate. Right now we just try to...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Pressero 7 In Planning Phase

Marks as paid without sending email notification

Hi, Before the release of the new pending area in Pressero, we were able to mark an order as paid without sending any confirmation/payment notification, which was useful for us. Now whatever we do with a pending order (mark as paid, convert to ord...
Groseille Team 10 months ago in Pressero / Pending Orders 7 New Idea