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Workspace Pressero
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Created on May 5, 2022

PJM Quantity showing on Presero Order

Using a PJM pricing engine to create mandatory product selctions (apparel color, size, etc) results in the Pressero order showing two Quantity values 1) Pressero order quantity defaulting at 1 and 2) the PJM Quantity the user selected. Reaching out to support we received the following response:

I did a bit more research on this issue and it seems that the multiple quantities that show within Pressero for orders of products that use a PrintJobManager pricing engine will always show two quantities as you have experienced with this order and others. The first quantity is a generic one that Pressero adds and the second quantity that shows is the true quantity that was selected by the customer

We were insturcted to add this to the Ideas portal in the hopes that the consolidation of PJM into Pressero in the next release may resolve this potential confusion when PJN pricing engines are used.

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