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Status New Idea
Workspace Pressero
Categories API
Created by William Riley
Created on Apr 13, 2021

New WebHook that triggers after ALL production files are ready for an order

Currently there is no webhook that can guarantee complete product URL's for download by a self integrated process. This results in the creation of much more complex logic for automating order detail and file retrieval that cannot readily be supported in many outsource scenarios.

E.g., An outsourced vendor can process webhooks, but cannot create the logic needed to combine order placed and individual file ready webhooks in their system, or accommodate approval workflows in Pressero. So, if the initial order placed webhook is triggered and all file URL's are not valid they will not have everything required to complete the job(s) for the Pressero Subscriber.

A single webhook, that is triggered only when all files/URL's are valid containing the order information from the order placed webhook would solve this. This WebHook would not trigger until all items were approved or rejected in a scenario using approvals.

This would be an additional webhook, not intended to replace any ones currently available.

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