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Workspace PrintJobManager
Created by Lew Airth
Created on Jun 10, 2021


Allow to set inventory levels across multiple facilities using the same material resource.

Looking into leveraging the inventory tracking, and you are only allowed to assign a material to (1) bin and set it's starting inventory. We have 9 locations, which means if we were to start using the inventory bit, we would have to duplicate our material list X's 9 and set it for each office, while also duplicating our engines x's 9 and reassigning the appropriate material.

This could all be avoided by allowing us to dictate inventory by location on a single material, and then considering the facility setting of the CSR who is entering projects to keep par levels accurate.

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  • Trent Foreman
    Jul 23, 2021

    Thanks Lew, I will say that with the work on moving PJM into the Pressero platform Inventory is going to get a boost, and I like this idea.