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Default Due Date on List Estimates/Jobs view

Provide a date range of more than 30 days or enable new functionality for administrators to modify that date.
Antonio Rosania 6 months ago in PrintJobManager / List View 0 New Idea

Customize Print Estimate

Ability to customize the Print Estimate report.
Guest almost 2 years ago in PrintJobManager / Estimates 0 New Idea

Add column due date editable in page "List Estimate/Jobs"

This would look like the 2 status columns, one that is fixed and the other that is editable. This would allow for mass editing of end dates without going into the quote or job each time.
Thomas Barbier about 1 year ago in PrintJobManager / List Manger 0 New Idea

Email notifications avalaibles by job status change

It would be interesting to have the possibility to activate an email notification by job status change. Example: on the "Billing" status, if the notification is activated, an automatic personalized email is sent to warn the customer that the job i...
Thomas Barbier about 1 year ago in PrintJobManager / General Settings 1 New Idea

Ability to edit Job Ticket, Order Summary Ticket, Job Summary Ticket and Pick List

We need the ability to be able to edit these reports so that we can adjust the information that goes into each one, and also the sizing and spacing of the different modules within each ticket/pick list.
Angeles Estrada over 1 year ago in PrintJobManager 2 New Idea

Add price excluding tax

Wherever the price including taxes is displayed, the equivalent price excluding taxes should also be displayed. In attach, you will find some examples of where this price excluding taxes must be displayed.
Thomas Barbier about 1 year ago in PrintJobManager / General Use 0 New Idea

Create estimates with multiple line items

Many estimates contain multiple different products. The current system requires each product to be emailed to the customer seperately unless a complex product engine is constructed.
Jon Mullins about 2 years ago in PrintJobManager / Estimates 1 New Idea

Sort Material List by Inventory Level

It would be very helpful to be able to sort the material list by inventory level. Doing so would allow all the negative quantities to be seen on the first page and then ordered.
Jon Mullins about 1 year ago in PrintJobManager / Inventory & Inventory Tracking 0 New Idea

Copy this job for a new estimate

In addition to having the possibility of copying work for a new order, it would be interesting to have the additional functionality "Copy this job for a new estimate". Because in some cases, it is necessary that the customer validates again this e...
Thomas Barbier about 1 year ago in PrintJobManager / Estimates 0 New Idea

Test Engine details that include estimated material and processes used should appear in a panel on the Edit Job page

In right panel of Edit Job Calc section: There should be a cost detail panel like the test engine details. So that estimator can see how much the material is without having to hunt for it. Date that the material price was last changed should also ...
Angeles Estrada 6 months ago in PrintJobManager / Orders 0 New Idea