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Add running inventory level amount on transaction history

It would be helpful to see a running current inventory amount per transaction. This could replace the 'total' column that is currently listed. Since the Current Level field can so easily be changed, its difficult to track inventory by transaction ...
Alyssa Curtis 9 months ago in Pressero / Inventory 0 New Idea

Add a Site Group control to work with the Inventory selection for a product that will trigger the low inventory email notification only to the selected site group

After the last year, some clients are consolidating multiple B2B sites into single sites. The situation can arise where low inventory notifications need to be able to be directed to different site groups, depending on who manages the products. For...
Bart Shafer about 1 year ago in Pressero / Inventory 0 New Idea

Deletion of Inventory Items - Option to filter and show Inventory after it is deleted like you can with Products

It would be nice if you could delete an Inventory item but still have the ability to filter it after the fact if you need to like you can with deleted products. We are hesitant to delete an inventory product because we do not want to lose the hist...
Guest over 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory 1 New Idea

Introduce back in Company-wide Inventory

We love the site-specific inventory, but we miss the universal/company-wide inventory functionality where we could manage one inventory but it could be applied across multiple sites. For example: H-Stakes are something we always have on hand and w...
Olivia MacLachlan over 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory 0 New Idea

Adding inventory back when order is denied

Please see if the items that are denied from an approver will go back into inventory. The product sits in limbo when we have other customers can order if the product is back in inventory. This is causing alot of issues with our inventory.
Guest over 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory / Products 2 New Idea


The unit cost of a product in the inventory is only 3 decimal places. Would it be possible to have 4 digits after the decimal point. Likewise, it would be possible to add a column for the valuation of the stock (unit cost x quantity in stock). Tha...
Guest over 1 year ago in Pressero / Inventory 0 New Idea

Allow "Full Inventory" reporting within the Report Writer

It would be great to have the option to setup a recurring inventory report within the report writer that showed ALL product inventory instead of inventory on items purchased within the last 7 days, month, year, etc. Currently to see all product in...
Guest about 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory 0 New Idea

Allow storefront admins to add inventory

I have several brokers that we run websites for. I would like to give them the ability to add, adjust and deduct inventory to inventory items once the product is set up on the pressero admin side. This would be available towards a group checkbox
Amanda Hansen over 2 years ago in Pressero / Inventory 1 New Idea

Pull Product Attribute Tables into Inventory Report Writer

Product attributes are easily added in Pressero, however you are not able to report on product attributes in an inventory report. Pulling the product attributes table into the Inventory report writer would greatly enhance fulfillment reporting for...
Brad Elmhorst over 2 years ago in Pressero / General Settings / Inventory / Reporting 0 New Idea